Book Travelling Thursdays

Book Travelling Thursdays



I have recently come across a Goodreads Group called Book Traveling Thursdays. The concept of this is that every Thursday there is a theme and the bloggers who participate in this group take that theme and pick a book that they associate with the theme. From this the bloggers find and post different covers of the book they have chosen.

If you wish to know more or join in please feel free to have a look at their Goodreads Page.


The theme for this week is “a book in which you’d like to live”. After careful consideration… I came to the decision that the book I would most associate with this theme is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


I know this doesn’t seem like a truly unique idea. However, most the places that I think would be awesome to live in are also wrought with perilous danger. At least in the Harry Potter universe, if I’m a Witch, I will have the ability to protect myself… not to mention the awesome spells and Quiddich!


So, there are an enormous amount of covers available for this series. I have chosen just a few that I have come across that I thought would work well for this meme.


Original Cover



This is the original cover for this series. I love the Hogwarts Express in the background. This is the book I originally read when I first read the series.


Cover from my Country (Australia)



These are not the only covers that have been released in Australia but both of these have. The first one is a bit more fun with a cartoon image on the front cover and this is the copy I currently have. The second one is an adult cover with the Philosopher’s Stone on the cover. I appreciate this for its simplicity and attempting to draw in a wider audience.


My Favourite Covers



This is my current favourite cover. It is the one I currently own and I just love the cartooned image of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hagrid and the image of Hogwarts Castle in the background. It is just so pretty.

The second cover is the newest Illustrated Version of Harry Potter, I own this too and it is absolutely beautiful. I don’t feel I need to explain this.

My Least Favourite Cover



The first cover here is a German Cover. I guess it works as a children’s cover, but it just does not appeal to me.

With regards to the second cover I feel we have a lovely adult cover already and the big block letters overwhelm the cover.


This was my second Book Travelling Thursdays meme, please feel free to browse my blog, I am currently posting a lot of different memes and are just finding them very fun.


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