I have recently come across a Goodreads Group called Book Traveling Thursdays. The concept of this is that every Thursday there is a theme and the bloggers who participate in this group take that theme and pick a book that they associate with the theme. From this the bloggers find and post different covers of the book they have chosen.


If you wish to know more or join in please feel free to have a look at their Goodreads Page.


The theme for this week is “Favourite Debut Novel”. After careful consideration… I came to the decision that the book I would most associate with this theme is Cinder by Melissa Meyer.


This is an awesome concept for a book and it is next on my TBR pile. I love the idea of mingling a SciFi book with a Fairytale Retelling.


Original Cover:



This is the original US cover. I love the red shoe with the robotics under the leg. Awesome.


Cover From My Country (Australia):



The Australian Cover for Cinder is the same as the US one.


My Favourite Covers:




The first cover is from Thailand. I love the background and the way the cybernetics were displayed. The only negative would be the skirt, it is too princess-y for a character who is apparently so independent.


The US cover is of course awesome, incorporating the classical Cinderella shoe – this immediately lets everybody know what this book is about.


My Least Favourite Covers:



The first cover is from Germany. As far as a cover goes it is beautiful. However, the only thing that you can associate to the story is the little shoes. This looks more like a Classic book than a SciFi Fairytale Retelling.


The second cover is from Korea. How on each does this have anything to do with the story inside? This looks like an old cover for a Cinderella original story not an awesome retelling.


As always, I am happy to talk to anyone about this weeks theme and the chosen covers. I will be back next Thursday for another Book Travelling Thursdays Post.


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