Book Travelling Thursdays


I have recently come across a Goodreads Group called Book Traveling Thursdays. The concept of this is that every Thursday there is a theme and the bloggers who participate in this group take that theme and pick a book that they associate with the theme. From this the bloggers find and post different covers of the book they have chosen.

If you wish to know more or join in please feel free to have a look at their Goodreads Page.

The theme for this week was:




While it is Summer in some parts of the world, here it is Winter. For this theme I began sorting through my TBR pile for what I wished to read this winter and one book kept coming to mind.


So, this week I am choosing Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. I apoligise in advance for the quality of some of these images as these were the best quality ones I could find.


Original Cover:


howls original

This book was published in 1986, considering this, this book cover is actually pretty good.


Cover from my Country (Australia):



This is the current cover that was published for the U.K/ Australia. I actually don’t mind this cover. The colours are nice and don’t clash and there are little images hidden in the words.


My Favourite Covers: 




The first cover here is the Indonesian Cover, I like the colours and the cartoon image is quite well done and represents main concepts of the story.


The second cover is the Australian / U.K Edition, I love the colours and the little images.


My Least Favourite Covers:





I would have to say the original cover would make this list. While it does have links to the contents, it just doesn’t speak to me.


The next cover is from Finland. While you can see the castle, the colours are so dull and washed out and not at all how I see this book should be.


As always, I am happy to talk to anyone about this weeks theme and the chosen covers. I will be back next Thursday for another Book Travelling Thursdays Post.


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