I have recently come across a Goodreads Group called Book Traveling Thursdays. The concept of this is that every Thursday there is a theme and the bloggers who participate in this group take that theme and pick a book that they associate with the theme. From this the bloggers find and post different covers of the book they have chosen.

If you wish to know more or join in please feel free to have a look at their Goodreads Page.

The theme for this week was:


Your Favourite Book of the Year So Far



I would have to say my favourite book so far this year would have to be Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.


Original Cover:


lady midnight

This is the original U.S. cover. This cover has pretty much been released all over the globe.


Cover from my Country (Australia):


lady midnight


Australia is one of the countries that also received the original cover during the March 2016 release date.


My Favourite Cover:


lady midnight


Out of the two covers that I have found for Lady Midnight the original cover would have to be my favourite.


My Least Favourite Cover:


lady midnight italian

This is the only other cover I could find for Lady Midnight. This is the Italian cover. I don’t necessarily hate this cover, but I don’t see this relating to the story as much as the original.


As always, I am happy to talk to anyone about this weeks theme and the chosen covers. I will be back next Thursday for another Book Travelling Thursdays Post.




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