Review – Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan


book of shadows


Publisher: Speak

Date Published: March 22nd 2007

Pages: 176







Something is happening to me that I don’t understand.

I see things, feel things in a new way. I can do things normal people can’t do. Powerful things. Magical things. It scares me.

I never chose to learn witchcraft. But I’m starting to wonder if witchcraft is choosing me.




Do you have a book from years ago that you have held on to because of the emotions that book elicited at that time in your life? I have a few, and one of these is the Wicca or Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. The first book in this series is Book of Shadows.


Morgan is an ordinary girl and that works with the audience being able to relate with her. This first book focuses on a new character coming into Morgans life and beginning to show her a world she didn’t realise she was always a part of.


I implore you to stick with the books. I know this is a slow start and nothing huge happens in the first book, but just think of it as Part 1 to a series a loved as a teenager. This book does have many flaws which I acknowledge but there is something about a book you’ve loved in your past that you just don’t want to let go.


This is the awakening story and the continuation brings drama and mayhem into Morgans life, trust me.


I am rating this a 4/5. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I can’t let go… I will continue on with this series. Have you read this before? What did you think? Do you have this on your TBR?


Keep Calm and Read On,



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