favourite finishing lines

A book’s final sentence is like a ribbon that ties together the plot of the book, which is handed to us readers, and is also the final sentence that contributes to our impression about the book – whether we like the book, or not.

There are many types of last lines – Lines that conclude something; Open endings that leave things to our imagination; Twists that leave us staring at the book with our mouths ajar; And then there are the most feared cliffhangers which drive us to kill for the next book.

An effective well-framed finishing line embeds the story in our minds and it lasts for a long time, even after the book is read. In this weekly meme, I’m going to pick a book whose finishing line I absolutely loved.

This meme was created by Shameeka at booksoverblumen she has a fabulous blog and I have really enjoyed looking at all of her posts.




favourite finishing lines 4


This is a book I have recently finished. I loved the prose in this book. It is very humorous. This is definitely one of my favourite books of the year so far. My review will be up later today.

Keep Calm and Read On,


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