captain sinbad


Publisher: Venture Press


Date Published: 05 August 2016


Pages: 386








His greatest adventure, and greatest test…

Nearly two centuries before Marco Polo’s travels to Cathay, there lived in the fabled city of Baghdad the famed rogue and adventurer Sinbad.

Tales spoke of the mighty Captain Sinbad: adventurer, soldier, poet, and mariner.

When Sinbad washes up on the shores of Pansa, it is surely a good sign for the young women of the village. As the handsome and mysterious stranger recovers, he is begged of a particular beauty to recall his adventures and what led him to this point.

But his travels have not been without trouble.

Driven from home and the arms of his beloved Scheherazade, Sinbad has become an outlaw voyaging across the Seven Seas.

The corrupt Caliph of Baghdad has taken Sinbad’s love to be his wife, and now Sinbad must flee for his life.

But soon, he learns of a magical flower, the Red Dahlia, that grants a wish to the person who crushes it.

What follows is a daring journey as Sinbad sails from Jaffa to Damascus on his quest to find the mythical Red Dahlia. With a cast of crewmembers aboard his ship, Captain Sinbad must make his way through hell or high water, and on his adventure he will encounter things he never thought possible…





I received this copy of the book for an honest review via Netgalley.



A swashbuckling adventure renewed for a new age.

I have few references for Sinbad from my childhood but I have always been aware of the archetype of this character.

This tale was like reading one of the classics. Something I knew had meaning and reference in popular culture, but haven’t had the chance to read. I enjoyed the vivid word building. I loved feeling as if I was there experiencing all the adventure with Sinbad for the first time.

The writing style itself was something I had not experienced much before. I generally lean towards YA, Fantasy and Sci-Fi books. This story was definitely out of my wheelhouse, but in a very good way. I loved the satirical prose that Diamond wove through this book.

To be honest, while there are, of course, elements I may have liked less than others (considering what I normally read) I enjoyed branching out of my comfort zone. And, who doesn’t love an adventure tale?

I know pretty much everyone has heard of Sinbad and his many adventures. Why don’t you try out this tale and see what you think? You may just find yourself on a whirlwind adventure you never want to leave. I am giving this book a rating of 4/5.




What do you think? Have you heard of Sinbad before? If so, where?


Keep Calm and Read On,





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