Cover Lust Friday1

Cover Lust Friday is a meme I have recently come across and it looked really fun. Cover Lust Friday is a weekly meme that’s all about covers. Alice from Alice Reeds is the host of this meme.

Pick a cover that stands out to you , add your reason why you’ve chosen that particular one or what you like about it. Let’s have fun and share some gorgeous covers.







assassains heart





I have received an advanced copy of this via Netgalley and I am looking forward to diving in. This cover is stunning. I think everyone needs to take a second and just look at the cover.

There is a silhouette of a castle in the background with a red, burning cover with embers falling down the cover, come on, this is really well done. And this is not mentioning the golden emblem taking the place of honour on the cover.


Keep Calm and Read On,


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