Publisher: Harmony Ink Press


Date Published: 25th August 2016


Pages:  188





Fifteen-year-old Lee thinks her petty stealing problem is harmless. She distracts her potential targets by singing, but her songs make people act strangely. When Lee comes to San Francisco to escape her abusive stepfather, she discovers she’s half fey—and that’s not the only secret that’s been hidden from her. To add to Lee’s confusion, she’s in love with her friend Sonja, who has a rule: don’t get involved with the fey. Lee has to choose between exploring who she is and keeping her secret safe so she can stay in Sonja’s life. But pressures build from both inside and outside the Faerie Realm, and a singer like Lee can’t stay silent for long.




I received this book as a galley on Netgalley for review.


Have you been missing the fae world since finishing A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas? Well, I think I may just have something for you.


This is a story of a girl with a voice like no other. She is a Halfling and is stumbling on the cruel world of the Winter court for the first time.


The thing that really stuck out for me was the descriptions. The people, the places, they were all described beautifully. The descriptions were all so detailed and lyrical I wanted to be introduced to another character so that I could get another description.


The pacing felt a little off for me, but I am coming out of a minor reading slump, so that could be it too. I really enjoyed the incorporation of the rules of the fae courts. Everyone knows you don’t eat fae food and reading about Lee struggling to resist the temptations was enjoyable.


This is a book primarily focused on friendships when one of the friends is potentially lethal. What lengths would you go to, to protect your friends?


This was a light hearted read about fae that has got me searching through my bookshelves for more fae books. I am giving this book a 3.75/5. 🌟🌟🌟


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