This is a new series I am running. After I finish binging on some of my favourite completed series I am going to discuss the TV series here.

Today I am going to discuss:





The premise of this show is the origin story of Superman. The viewers get to see Clark Kent in high school, growing up and developing his powers. The show developed through Clarks high school years, college to his time at The Daily Planet and his development into Superman.



This section discusses the major themes I identified while watching Smallville.


Friendship played a strong part in this series. I enjoyed the look into Clark Kent’s personal life and how he hid his powers from his friends. The development of his friendship to the point where his friends were involved in his superhero activities was very interesting to see.


Clarks relationship with his mother and father was one of the most caring and loving relationships in this show. I liked how we could see the influences of his mother and father guided the development of Clark and his values.


Clark has no idea about the origin of his powers in the beginning and we get to see him struggle with control over his powers. It would be very easy for Clark to use his power for evil, as seen in some episodes. It is great to see the Clark develop his powers and control.



Clark Kent:



Clark is the main character of this series. We follow his development from small town farm boy to the Man of Steel.




Chloe Sullivan:


Chloe is introduced at the beginning of the series as the best friend of Clark. She originally has a crush on Clark but this is not reciprocated. Chloe slowly develops into a real support and strong character in her own right.



Lois Lane:


Lois is a well-known character, as the love interest of Clark Kent. We are first introduced to Lois at the beginning of Season 4. She is the cousin of Chloe Sullivan. The relationship between Lois and Clark were very rocky at the start and the banter between these two characters was a big selling point for me.



Martha Kent:


Martha is the Earth mother of Clark Kent. She is a strong maternal character who has an extremely strong presence in the early seasons of the series.



Jonathan Kent:


Jonathan is the moral figure of the series early on. His values and beliefs strongly influenced how Clark ended up and his relationship with Clark was very strong.



Lex Luther:


Lex is the main nemesis of Superman. We are introduced to him in the first season. It was interesting to see the development from friend to enemy through the different seasons.



Lionel Luther:


Lionel is the father of Lex. His motives are often cast in shadows, so you never know which side he is on.






In this section I will be giving a shout out to my favourite episode from each season.


Season 1:

Episode 7: Craving

This episode commented on the concept of weight-loss and body image in a high school setting. The idea of wanting perfection and bullying are prominent in this episode. I loved how a TV show about a superhero could comment on such hard-hitting issues.


Season 2:

Episode 10: Skinwalker:

This episode touched on Native American land rights. I liked that Clark got a love interest and the plot twist that was present at the end.

Season 3:

Episode 6: Relic:

The flashback scenes to Clarks father on Earth were really well done. I loved the progression of the storyline and the links from the past to the present.

Season 4:

Episode 8: Spell:

This is probably one of my favourite episodes of the series. I loved bringing in some witches from the past and possessing our main female protagonists.

Season 5:

Episode 5: Thirst:

Why not link in some other supernatural characters? Let’s bring in some blood sucking sorority girls who want to live forever. What’s a superhero to do?

Season 6:

Episode 10: Hydro: 

When the media and gossip columns threaten to expose Clark, he must find out how the columnist is getting the inside scoop.

Season 7:

Episode 5: Wrath

We get to see how someone else would use the powers that Clark has had all his life… namely Lana. What will she do with all the powers of a Kryptonian.

Season 8:

Episode 19: Stiletto: 

With Clark popping around Metropolis saving lives… Lois wants in on the action. So, she comes up with Stiletto.

Season 9:

Episode 16: Escape 

In an attempt to get away Lois and Clark have a weekend away at a little inn. Where Chloe and Oliver are also having a little alone time too. Oh, and to this interesting situation, there is a Scottish Banshee going around killing men.

Season 10:

Episode 4: Homecoming

At Clarks homecoming, he will travel through time to see how he will end up at a time when he is in doubt over his future.




What do you think of the first Bingeworthy TV? Is there any particular TV Show you would like me to focus on?

Keep Calm and Read (Watch) On,



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