I have just found  a new reading challenge for 2016 and I want to join in. This reading challenge is called the Retellings Reading Challenge 2016 and is hosted by Once Upon A Bookcase.




There are three levels that participants can chose:


Easy: 1-4 retellings
Medium: 5-8 retellings
Hard: 9-12 retellings


I am going to be opting for Medium (5-8 retellings) as I am starting late, in October. I am going to include A Kiss in Time (read at the end of September) and Cinder and Ella (read in October) in this challenge because they are relatively close but I am going to continue on from now on. Therefore, to meet the Medium challenge I need to read a minimum of three more retelling books by the end of the year. Piece of cake. 🍰

I am going to check on Goodreads whether a book has been shelved as a Retelling. If it has I will count it in this challenge. Also, in an attempt to read more critically and review more (I do have a book blog after all) only books that I have reviewed will be counted towards this challenge.

I would like to note that if you look on the right hand side of my page you will see a section titled “Retellings Reading Challenge 2016” in my Categories section. If you click on that you will be sent to all my reviews and my sign up post for this challenge. This will hopefully make it easier for people to find.




What do you think of this challenge? Would you like to join in? Are there any retellings that you would recommend I try?


Keep Calm and Read On,







  1. lry93 says:

    This definitely sounds like a lot of fun and I have probably already met the hard bit because I have read so many retelling a this year!! If this is done again next year, it is definitely something I would join in with! 😀


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