PUBLISHER: Sittin’ On A Goldmine Productions

DATE PUBLISHED: 20th June 2016

PAGES: 190


I received this book from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.


On an island hidden from the rest of the world, Flynn Hawthorn, the ninth daughter of the ninth daughter, lives under a curse.

Her birth fulfills an ancient prophecy. She is destined to inherit the wand of the High Priestess and save her people by reuniting the separated halves of The Book of Shadow and Light.

But in a land filled with magick, Flynn is forced to live her life as a Watcher—born into magick, but unable to wield it.

As the threat from the Shadow Coven of Southeil grows, Flynn must pretend—with the help of her best friend, Hazel—that she actually has magick. Hazel would do anything for Flynn, but the game they are playing may cost them their lives…


This book was told in the third person recounting the story of Flynn and her friend Hazel as they aim to succeed in a world where magic is a constant and one must be their absolute best. The world was set up really well and the plot was easy to follow.


Flynn has enormous pressure placed on her from her birth and the fact that Flynn does not have the powers that she is expected to have is a disappointment to others. Flynn slowly develops through the book supported by her friend, Hazel and others who wield magic.


Friendship: The strong friendship between Flynn and Hazel plays through the story as Hazel helps Flynn through her search for her magic and the faction -like classes she must attend.

Living up to Expectations: The idea of living up to expectations and not wanting to let others down is explored. Everyone can relate to this, just maybe not with all the magic.

The Chosen One: The trope of the chosen one has been utilised in this book. The expectations that are put on someone to live up to what others think she should be.


This was an interesting concept completed in an interesting way. I liked the main duo and the interesting situations they get themselves in.  The magic system and world building were very well done and I really liked the close friendship between Flynn and Hazel. The arc of the story wrapped itself up well but is open to a continuation of the series.





Keep Calm and Read On,



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