PUBLISHER: Foster & Black

DATE PUBLISHED: 30th May 2016

PAGES: 387

GENRE: Contemporary Romance



Emily is the President’s daughter. Gorgeous but innocent…not the kind of woman who should get involved with me, an ex-Marine with a bad boy rep. But when a sniper opens fire, the need to protect her is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. Suddenly, we’re on the ground, my body covering hers. I save her life then walk away, sure that I’ll never see her again.

But when a shaken Emily asks me to become her bodyguard, I can’t turn her down. Now I have to wear a suit and call her ma’am when all I want to do is slam her up against the wall and tear her clothes off. Neither of us can resist…but I can’t let her get close, not with what’s lurking in my past. And the danger is far from over. The White House is under threat…and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect the woman I’ve fallen for.


This book is told in first person from alternating perspectives of Emily and Kian. The plot was quick paced with intrigue and romance.


I particularly like that Emily’s trauma is not brushed under the rug and that while she had flaws (as any human does) she utilises the support of those around her to help her slowly find her confidence again.


Trauma: Through constant assassination threats and an attempt that almost took her life, it is no wonder that trauma and its effects can be seen in this book. I like how this element of the story was treated and that the idea of trauma was addressed.

Family: Emily may be the first-daughter but her relationship with her father and mother is an extremely close one. To the point that her father would risk his life to see Emily when she is hurt.

Love: This is a Contemporary Romance people, of course there will be love and romance. There was definite insta-lust between Kian and Emily but I liked that the development of mutual respect and admiration for each other and their backgrounds was an element of the story.

Military: Not only is Kian ex-military, which is addressed within the book. But the concept of developing a nation that is more heavily military based for protection is delved into. This brings about an almost “Big Brother” feel to Washington D.C. and explores the concept of too much power in one persons hands.


This is not the typical book I pick up but I stumbled across it on my Facebook feed and was intrigued. Elements of this books such as politics, and PTSD created a more intricate story and background for the two protagonists.

I enjoyed this book much more than I was expecting. It was a quick read for me as I finished it in a number of hours. If you enjoy New Adult romances this book is definitely one to give a go with subterfuge and intrigue it was throughly enjoyable.




Keep Calm and Read On,



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