Publisher: Carpe Luna Publishing

Date Published: 8th September 2012

Pages: 303

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy







Grateful Knight isn’t looking for love when she moves into a rent-free house on the edge of a graveyard. At twenty-two, all she wants is to recover financially so she can move back to the city where she belongs.

But sparks fly when the gorgeous cemetery caretaker, Rick, introduces himself and mentions his suspicion that her new house might be haunted. Her attraction to him seems supernatural, and despite her resolve to not get involved, she literally can’t keep her hands off him.

When things in Grateful’s house start moving on their own, another man enters her life, Logan, a sexy ghost with a dark secret. He says Rick isn’t what he seems, and indulging her passion for him could cost her soul.

One thing’s for sure, magical forces are at work in the tiny town of Red Grove, and they’re converging on Grateful. Life will never be the same once she’s forced to choose between the ghost and the graveyard.

This book has been recommended for 18+ due to sexual content, language and violence.




This book is told in the first person from the perspective of Grateful. At some points I felt the plot lagged but the overarching plot points were what drove me to keep reading.





Grateful is broke and beat down at the commencement of this story. I enjoyed seeing the development of Grateful once she learns of this new world she has always been a part of, and the extreme chemistry.



Destiny: This book utilises the trope of “The Chosen One”. The one person who has the power to solve the problem or vanquish the evil. Grateful, however, does not want this destiny and the outcome of this leads to hilarity and horror.

Friendship: Grateful’s friend in this book is not entirely prominent, but does come into play later in the story. The lengths Grateful will go to to ensure her friends safety is a commentary on the nature of friendship.




I didn’t have high expectations going into this book. I really liked the overall plot and the story and world building has been set up really well for an ongoing series that will be an excellent paranormal read.

I wanted to quickly note that the violence and language in this book is nothing I haven’t read before (maybe in New Adult or older YA books). The sexual content however, would make me recommend this for mature audiences.





Keep Calm and Read On,



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