Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date Published: 2nd August 2016

Pages: 400







Lana used to know what was real.

That was before when her life was small and quiet.
Her golden step-brother, Ben, was alive, she could only dream about bonfiring with the populars, their wooded island home was idyllic, she could tell the truth from lies, and Ben’s childhood stories were firmly in her imagination.

Then came after.

After has Lana boldly kissing her crush, jumping into the water from too high up, and living with nerve and mischief. But after also has horrors, deaths that only make sense in fairy tales, and terrors from a past Lana thought long forgotten: Love, blood, and murder.




This book is told in the first person from the perspective of Lana. The slow reveal of information about the past and what is happening on this tiny island was really well done and the internal voice of Lana had me hooked.




Initially we see the main character, Lana as a semi popular girl who is coming out of her shell after a horrible, tragic, incident that broke apart her family. Through backstory and the development of the storyline we see that Lana was quite an introvert and bullied and she is trying to find herself.




Bravery: Through the novel the main concept is bravery. How brave are you? What will you do to protect others?


Family: A look at Lana’s family and the family dynamics as well as the history of her step-family and a look at a dysfunctional family.


Friendship: Lana was very introverted in the past and an examination of the idea of friendship and the development of Lana becoming part of the popular group after the death of her brother was interesting.




This is a great little creepy read that left me eager to unravel what exactly happened on this island and who is killing. The ending was excellent and I did not guess what was coming up.

I do not generally read thrillers, but I am happy I picked this one up. It was really good.






Keep Calm and Read On,



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