The show follows single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, also named Lorelai but who prefers to be called Rory, living in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. The town is filled with colorful characters and is located approximately 30 minutes from Hartford, Connecticut (as stated in the show’s pilot). The series explores issues of family, friendship and romance, as well as generational divides and social class. Ambition, education, work, love, family, and questions of class constitute some of the series’ central concerns. The show’s social commentary manifests most clearly in Lorelai’s difficult relationship with her wealthy, appearance-obsessed parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore, and in Rory’s interactions with the students at the Chilton Academy, and later, Yale University.

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Family: Family is perhaps the most prominent theme within this TV Show. A look at the familial relationship of Lorelei and hr daughter Rory compared to the relationship of Lorelei with her parents. Other familial relationships are also examined, including: Lane and her mother, Sookie and Jackson and Luke and his nephew.


Friendship: Lorelei and Rory’s relationship, while mother and daughter, also has strong ties to best friends. This, I feel, is the main charm of this TV Show. There are other friendships that play a role in this TV Show, but I feel that every character in Stars Hollow is friends with each other.


Social Divide: A commentary on the social divide can be seen through an examination of the life Emily and Richard lead compared to the life Lorelei has chosen for herself and her daughter.


Education: Education is a strong plot point of the show. Rory has a strong focus on her education through to a Ivy League college. Rory and her friend Paris has strong emotional connections to education and the benefits a good education will provide.


Love: One  of the smaller themes, but just as prominent is that of love. There is the continual and stable love of Emily and Richard through to Lorelei’s tumultuous love life. Rory also faces many hurdles in the love department through her years from adolescence through to adulthood.







Lorelei is the main character of the show. She is the fast talking, caffeine addicted mother of Rory who left home at a young age to make a life for her and her young daughter that was more humble than her privileged upbringing. Lorelei has a witty sense of humour and often can put her foot in her mouth.



Rory begins the show as the sixteen year old daughter of Lorelei. Rory is a fast talking teen who takes many traits from her mother whilst acting as the intermediary between her mother and her grandparents. Rory has strong beliefs in getting a good education and making her mother proud.

Emily Gilmore:

Gilmore Girls

Emily is the mother of Lorelei and grandmother of Rory. Emily represents the strong social divide between the affluent and the middle class. Emily and Lorelei have an extremely strained relationship that is seen during the regular Friday Night Dinners.

Richard Gilmore:


Richard is the father of Lorelei and grandfather of Rory. He works in insurance and takes great pride in his work ethic. He supports his wife while wanting a relationship with his daughter and granddaughter.



Luke is the owner of Luke’s Diner where Lorelei and Rory go to get their caffeine fix and get fed. He plays a large role in the girls lives and provides a voice of reason to the antics of Rory and Lorelei.



Sookie is the best friend of Lorelei. She works as a chef and is often clumsy and cookie. Sookie is a breathe of fresh air and provides an outside perspective and sounding board for Lorelei.







This episode introduces us into the world of Gilmore Girls and Stars Hollow. This first ever episode is what had me hooked and the quirky one liners and super quick rate of speech will always live on in my heart.



Presenting Lorelei Gilmore


This episode gave the viewers a look at the ways of the upper class and how Rory and Lorelei negotiate the rocky shores of both of their worlds.




A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving


This was a fun episode where Lorelei and Rory have to attend four completely different Thanksgiving dinners in one day!


The Festival of Living Art



This episode took us away from the main drama of the overarching season plot and focused on the drama of the residents of Stars Hollow as they prepare for a last minute fundraiser.



You Jump, I Jump, Jack


Rory is now in college and she is researching a secret society for her article for the newspaper.



The Prodigal Daughter Returns


The main catalyst of this episode is the reunion of Lorelei and Rory after a massive fight that has left them estranged for many episodes.



Bon Voyage


This episode ties up many plot points while leaving a lot of room for interpretation. The graduation of Rory is the highlight of this episode.





Luke and Lorelei:



These two have had such an on again off again relationship it is enough to leave someone dizzy. Luke balances out Lorelei’s crazy in such a way that these two would be perfect together… in my opinion.


Emily and Richard:



There is something to be said for Emily and Richard. Their relationship has lasted the test of time through some very trying situations. The care these two show for each other after all this time is heartwarming.


Rory and Dean:



Dean is Rory’s first love and there is something about that which has stuck with me through all the seasons of this show. I found the episodes with these two together to be cute and loving.


Sookie and Jackson:



Ever since the first season it has been nice to see this couple flourish. There have been some road bumps (4 in 4) but overall their relationships has been a staple of the Stars Hollow community.


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Are you excited for the upcoming reboot of Gilmore Girls? What do you think of this TV Show?

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