undead and unwed


DATE PUBLISHED: 2nd March 2004

PAGES: 255



It’a been a helluva week for Betsy Taylor. First, she loses her job. Then, to top things off, she’s killed in a car accident. But what really bites (besides waking up in the morgue dressed in a pink suit and cheap shoes courtesy of her stepmother) is that she can’t seem to stay dead. Every night she rises with a horrible craving for blood. She’s not taking too well to a liquid diet.

Worst of all, her new friends have the ridiculous idea that Betsy is the prophesied vampire queen, and they want her help in overthrowing the most obnoxious, power-hungry vampire in five centuries – a badly dressed Bela Lugosi wannabe, natch. Frankly, Betsy couldn’t care less about vamp politics, but they have a powerful weapon of persuasion: designer shoes. How can any self-respecting girl say no? But a collection of Ferragamos isn’t the only temptation for Betsy. It’s just a lot safer than the scrumptious Sinclair – a seductive bloodsucker whose sexy gaze seems as dangerous as a stake through the heart…



This book is told in the first person from the perspective of the protagonist, Betsy. The dry wit and humour of Betsy’s voice is refreshing and I absolutely loved it.


There is some obvious development of Betsy’s character as she dies, comes back to life, and discovers she is a vampire all in an extremely small amount of time. Betsy has a dry wit and sarcastic humour that adds a comedy to the situations that Betsy finds herself in. She must come to a place where she can take on the huge responsibilities that she now has on her shoulders.


POWER: Betsy develops an enormous amount of power extremely quickly and must adjust to this power and use it to the benefit of others. The power of others and how this impacts Betsy is also explored.

CHANGE: Betsy undergoes a huge change in her life and faces many more with regards to family, friends and her new life.

LOVE: Love for friends, love for family and romantic love are all elements in this novel and how this impacts Betsy.


I am in love with this first book in a new series for me. This paranormal romance novel is funny, witty, and just a bit sexy. This book left me in stitches and practically falling off of my seat in anticipation for more from this awesome cast of characters. Betsy and her addiction to shoes was just the icing on the cake. I want more! A well deserved 4.5/5 rating.



Keep Calm and Read On,



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