Today I am a host for the blog tour of The Perfect Tear by Connie Lansberg, coordinated by iRead Book Tours.



PUBLISHER: Shooting for Success LLC DBA Rockit Press

DATE PUBLISHED: 15th December 2015

PAGES: 326



Eleanor is a singer. Her songs keep nature in balance, but when they are stolen from her, a grey mist descends and her world fails to thrive. This timid orphan is thrust into a course of action she never asked for, nor envisioned. Set against a backdrop of abandonment, loss and betrayal, she must find her way through strange and dangerous landscapes in her desperate search for the Perfect Tear, a dark crystal which holds the future of her world. But, Eleanor is no savior. She is a simple girl with strong instincts and she must learn to trust them. Just like the notes of song must connect to create a melody, Eleanor must discover the connections needed to create the harmony required to truly save her world.

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A unique and beautiful story.


The Perfect Tear centred around Eleanor and her connection to Earth and Tsera and the power of song. I wouldn’t say this was a book I couldn’t put down, the overall plot and flow of the story worked really well but it took me quite a while to really gel with the story.


I would have liked more interactions between the romantic interests. The idea of insta-love is overridden by the time jump, in which the relationship develops. The settings combined a medieval-esque fantasy Earth and an inter-dimensional supernatural world.


Overall, this was an enjoyable book linking song and a protagonist who is thrown into the middle of something that is much bigger than anything in her previously small world.  If you enjoy a protagonist who gets thrust into a supernatural wold, magical objects and a mission to save the world I suggest you give The Perfect Tear a try.






Connie Lansberg is a singer/songwriter, scriptwriter and now author with the publication of her first book The Perfect Tear. Connie studied script writing at AFTR and has had songs placed in major Australian TV series. She has just complete an album of songs connected to the book and will be performing these live at her weekly jazz gig in Melbourne.

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