RELEASE DATE: 17th November 2016


RUNNING TIME: 2hrs 13mins






The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York’s secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.



Who hasn’t been waiting for a continuation of the Harry Potter series, in whatever form it comes?

Upon hearing that this will be the beginning of a new series of movies in the Harry Potter universe questions began flying about how there can be five movies created from this one little book. I am extremely pleased that J.K. Rowling was brought in with regards to the screenplay for this movie.

Let’s begin discussing the movie.

The wizarding world needs to be recognisable to true Harry Potter fans whilst also being dated back to the 1920’s. I think this has been done and taking the action to America instead of England, where the original series took place, lend to explain any differences.

The clock in the main foyer of the American Ministry of Magic is a nod to the clock at the Weasley residence in the original series. There is also a nod to The Deathly Hallows in a necklace given to one of the main characters.

I loved Newt’s character, he was gawky and different and gave this series a different feel to  the Harry Potter series. I was agog when he put his wand in his mouth to free up his hands.

I predicted the plot twist from early on as I thought this would be the most interesting storyline… and I was  right. There was another twist that I was not expecting and I am looking forward to seeing how the antagonist plays into future movies.

The creatures themselves lent to an interesting experience and I found the scene in Central Park with one of the wayward creatures to be utterly hilarious.

I enjoyed this movie immensely and am extremely interested to see how this new series plays out.



Keep Calm and Read (Watch) On,



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