The new four episode reboot of Gilmore Girls is officially out and I will be reviewing each hour and a half episode of this fast talking mother and daughter, feel good show.


Please note each of these reviews will contain spoilers for the episodes and if you wish to avoid spoilers I advise you go watch the episode before reading my review. Each of the four episodes coincides with each season of the year. The first episode is: Winter.


The episode commences approximately a decade after the original season finished. Rory has returned to Stars Hollow for one day due to her busy career as a journalist. Things have changed in both Lorelai’s and Rory’s lives, but the fast talking quick wit and obvious love is just as obvious.


One major change is the death of Richard Gilmore. There is an examination of Emily and how she is coping after she has lost her husband. Emily has completely changed from the put together high society woman that everyone has grown to know and love… she is wearing jeans! There is a flash back to the funeral and the wake. The wake for Richard is exactly what is exacted of a Gilmore affair. However, when Lorelai fails to recall a good time with her father on the spot Emily becomes distressed and a classic Emily – Lorelai fight ensues. Flashing back to present time, Lorelai convinces Emily to try some therapy to help her through her grief. In true Emily fashion she manages to get Lorelai to attend therapy too.


Kirk continues to provide his comic relief in a way no other character on the show can. Kirk and Lulu discussed having kids a while back and so the town banded together to get them a pig instead to buy some time. Kirk started a service around town where he will drive people where they want to go. It’s called Ooober…. Nothing like Uber! Kirk comes to some barriers when his car keeps breaking down.


We get to see Lane and the band get back together for a revival and have a look at Kwan and Steve. Those boys are adorable.


Luke and Lorelai are a thing! Lorelai is having some doubts about her long term relationship with Luke (which appears comfortable and loving). She believes that she has held Luke back frorm having more kids and living life and wants to look at fertility options.


Paris is now a doctor in her own practice, specialising in…. Guess what…. Fertility treatments. Lorelai and Luke become her clients when Lorelai insists on not holding Luke back. However, Paris begins to push things a bit too far when she brings her top “breeders” to Stars Hollow and Luke’s diner to convince him to go ahead with the treatment.


Rory is with a boyfriend called Paul who is not memorable in any way. To the point where he gets forgotten constantly by everyone. He is a really nice guy but I don’t think the relationship with Rory really works. While in the U.K Rory is having a Vegas affair with Logan – while their together they have fun then they separate on good terms and go back to their lives. The down side they are both in relationships with other people. I do not like this development and have my fingers crossed for future episodes.


Overall, it was great seeing old characters come back and hearing the quick talking banter. Nostalgia does to describe it. I am excited to see what comes next if this is just the re-introduction of characters.





What did you think of the first episode in this four episode revival?

Keep Calm and Read (Watch) On,


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