On the sixth day of Christmas I will tell you… my top six books I wish I read in 2016.

Merry Christmas…I am going to post my list of book I have been meaning to read in 2016 but haven’t gotten around to yet.


The Girl From Everywhere


I have been meaning to get to this one. It sounds amazing and the cover is beautiful… it just always gets pushed back.

Deep Blue

deep blue

This is a mermaid book and sounds right up my ally. Unfortunately, time seems to limit me from reading absolutely everything.



The sequel came out this year and I thought that I really should get to this one. We all know the story… too many books, not enough time.

Spinning Starlight


This one sounds truly epic and I cannot believe I have not picked it up yet. I am planning on picking this one up soon… hopefully.

A Wicked Thing

a wicked thing

This list wouldn’t be complete without a retelling on it. I love retellings and this is one I ordered because Sasha from ABookUtopia recommended it. I will get to it… just, when?

Walk On Earth A Stranger


The last book on this list is, Walk On Earth A Stranger. I really wanted to read this book in 2016. It sounds like it has so much potential.


2016 is not over yet and I may just pick up one or more of these books before the year is out. What is your top book that you haven’t gotten around to reading this year? Are you following Bookmas 2016?

Keep Calm and Read On,



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