As part of my Advent calendar I figured I would try something a little different . The handmade Box is an Australian subscription service that curates different handmade items into a box. I tried out their Advent box where there were 24 small wrapped gifts for the lead up to Christmas.


The item for the first of December was this cute little Piglet and Pooh keyring.

The second of December were these little band that can be used as bracelets or hairbands.

On the third of December there was a little elf decoration.

Some Pina Colada Bath Milk was unwrapped on the fourth.

On the fifth there were these adorable little snowman earrings.

This lovely yellow and blue soap was unwrapped on the sixth.

This microfibre festive cloth was unwrapped on the seventh.

On the eighth I unwrapped this stone ornament.


On the ninth it was this little seed bomb to bring a splash of colour to the outdoors.


The tenth of December brought little beads to make a bracelet with.

The eleventh was this beautiful little card with a kindness voucher inside.

On the twelfth there was this Ginger Bread scented candle.

This art print was unwrapped on the thirteenth.

The gift for the fourteenth was this tie dye tea towel.

On the fifteenth of December there was this adorable Grinch mini stocking.

This Candy Cane lip balm was unwrapped on the sixteenth.

This beautiful watercolour bookmark was unwrapped on the seventeenth.

On the eighteenth I received this antioxidant mask.

On the nineteenth I received bath salts.

This beautiful pendant necklace was received on the twentieth.

I’m not too certain what this is that I received on the twenty-first. I will need to do some research.

On the twenty-second there were these white christmas scented melts.

The twenty-third was this knitted fabric dish which could be used for a multitude of things.

The twenty-fourth gift contained a candle.



Thats it for this box! I rather enjoyed this different take on the holiday tradition of an Advent Calendar and will be sure to try it again Christmas-time 2017.

If you wish to learn more about The Handmade Box, let me know in the comments below. What was your favourite item I received in this box?

Keep Calm and Read On,



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