PUBLISHER: Loveswept


DATE PUBLISHED: 9th March 2016


PAGES: 183







Tracy O’Brien never expected to meet Prince Charming in the supermarket — especially when she was dressed in an old romper without a stitch underneath, and carrying a bucket of cleaning supplies! But Anthony Delano was suddenly there beside her, all potent temptation and determined to sweep the lady off her nearly bare feet. He made no secret of wanting to possess her, to conquer her heart as completely as he’d insisted on making over her life. But Tracy wasn’t looking to settle down yet; for her, the game had just begun. In this love match between two strong wills, could only surrender mean victory?






I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I was in the mood for a cute contemporary New Adult romance… enter “Stubborn Cinderella”. You wouldn’t expect to find your soul mate in line at the local grocery store but that is exactly what happens in the case of Tracey and Anthony. Both the characters had their flaws and I was able to feel as if I understood them. Tracy doesn’t understand the concept of unconditional love and is extremely stubborn. Talking about stubborn, Anthony can hold his own. The many situations this couple face act to solidify their relationship. There were some elements of the classic fairytale mixed into this sweet little story. I definitely got the warm fuzzies reading this book and finished it in one sitting. This will appeal to those with a sweet tooth for contemporary New Adult romance.




Keep Calm and Read On,



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