PUBLISHER: St. Martins


DATE PUBLISHED: 31st December 2013


PAGES: 297







Ella Harrow is trying to carve out a normal life for herself. Well, as normal as an art geek with psychic abilities can hope for. As museum docent and gift-shop manager, Ella is able to keep her distance from people—and her powers in check—while surrounding herself with the artifacts she loves. But how on earth is she supposed to act normal when a thousand-year-old statue on the museum’s terrace suddenly comes to life?

Heart of Stone

Not your ordinary gargoyle, Kees has been asleep for eons, waiting for a portent of evil to wake him from his slumber. Kees isn’t a vision; he’s a bat-winged guardian created to protect the world from the seven demons of the Dark. Somehow, Ella triggered his reawakening. Maybe the demons have been unleashed? Maybe his heart is finally ready to be chiseled open? The fate of the world isn’t carved in stone…yet.






This is the start of a new series by Christine Warren focusing on, you guessed it, Gargoyles.  I do love paranormal reads and I have never read a book about Gargoyles before so I was intrigued by the premise of this book. All the elements of a successful paranormal romance were present and accounted for. The world building in this urban setting was enjoyable and allowed for me to understand the premise that was being presented for this series. The ability of Kees to transform from his gargoyle shape to human was interesting and allowed for the romance aspect of the novel. The romance itself was steamy and just what I wanted from this novel. I am interested to see how this world progresses and want to read more about Kees’ fellow Gargoyles as they are brought to life.




Keep Calm and Read On,


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