Searching Saturday is a new weekly meme created by Nikki at The Night is Dark and Full of Books! The aim is to search a book (or multiple books) that is new to you and fits the weekly theme. This could be a book to add to your TBR, or just to address on your blog. It’s up to you! You can search as many as you want, wherever you want.

This weeks topic is: Weird Covers & Titles




I have to admit that this topic had me in giggles. I must have a very childish sense of humour, because when I started searching there were some titles that played on that part of humour. Let’s have a look at some.

Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal by Joel Salatin


everything i want to do is illegal

The synopsis of this book looks like it is talking about food, but that is not what I got from the first look at this title.

Natural Bust Enlargement with Total Mind Power by Donald L. Wilson

natural bust enlargement.jpg

Umm… what?

Strangers Have the Best Candy by Margaret Meps Schulte

strangers have the best candy

Games You Can Play With Your Pussy: And Lots of Other Stuff Cat Owners Should Know by Ira Alderman


games you can play


Acne, Asthma and Other Signs You Might Be Half Dragon by Rena Rocford


I thoughts I would end on a more sensible note. The title of this book is not what I would normally expect and was actually what first intrigued me about this book.


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