PUBLISHER: Createspace


DATE PUBLSISHED: 18th June 2016


PAGES: 318







How do you take a chance on love when every other decision you’ve ever made has been the wrong one?

Laney Monroe’s life looks nothing like she’d planned. She certainly hadn’t pictured herself as a twenty-five-year-old single mom with a boring job, a freeloading brother, and an exhibitionist son who worries more than Shaggy and Scooby Doo put together. When her brother finally steps up and applies for a job, Laney never imagines it might lead to an opportunity for her as well – an opportunity at love.

Nate Murphy has always been about family. When you come from an Irish family, it’s hard not to be. But when a family emergency brings him home to North Carolina, Nate is faced with some difficult choices. Can you choose what you want over what your family needs? Then Laney Monroe walks onto his construction site and Nate decides that she just might make those choices a hell of a lot easier – or maybe this girl will make life more complicated than ever.






This sweet NA romance focuses on family and love. Laney is a 25yo single mother of a 5yo boy who she is adamant to make sure lead a normal and loving life. Laney does not have time for romance in her life. But that’s what comes flying in, in the form of her brothers boss, Nate. What follows is a lovely family story circling around the relationship of Laney and Nate. There are all too realistic scenes about the complications of trying to be intimate with a 5yo in the house and I could empathise with the MC’s. The plot was sweet and the pace was consistent through the book. Overall, this is the first book in a series that I intend to continue to follow other characters as they are drawn together.




Keep Calm and Read On,



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