PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing

DATE PUBLISHED: 12th September 2016

PAGES: 296



Rebecca Washington is a girl in control. Well, at least when it comes to acing her college classes. The rest of the time, she seems to be at the mercy of everyone else. Like when she’s dumped in front of her peers, hit on right afterwards by a jerk for some stupid bet, and then paired up with the same jerk for a lit project.

In order to maintain her perfect GPA, Rebecca will need to give a stellar presentation while ignoring the prodding eyes that will be staring at her. When her partner, Derek, starts to ease her fears of public speaking with his laid back attitude, she’s forced to confront her new feelings about him and his charming smile. Rebecca knows falling for a guy who teases her for being a prudish nerd can only end badly, but what if it’s just another thing out of her control?



It’s refreshing to read about a character who is entirely realistic. Rebecca is a character who is studious and introverted and not entirely comfortable with intimacy. Through the book Rebecca develops and slowly comes out of her shell. The great thing is that she does not miraculously change overnight and the quirks that make Rebecca herself remain with her through the book.

I particularly enjoyed the friendship between Rebecca, Shayler and Ansley was a relationship that I found particularly endearing. These three friends acted more as sisters. They fought, they loved, and they cared for each other. These girls are entirely different in personality yet their friendship is unbreakable.

Now we come to Derek. He is painted at the beginning of the book as being unkind, teasing Rebecca after she is publicly dumped and labelling her with the title “prude”. The development of his character is another element that was astounding. It is very easy to find Derek unlikable. However, he develops into an understandable character with his own flaws that is inexplicably drawn to Rebecca.

This NA novel had tremendous character development, a plot that was interesting and quirky and a pace that kept me reading. This was a book I could not put down.



Keep Calm and Read On,



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