PUBLISHER: Jolly Fish Press


DATE PUBLISHED: 3rd February 2015


PAGES: 288






Beast Charming tells the story of Beauty, who works as a temp at an agency run by a high-tempered dragon. To avoid running into her conniving and desperately-craving-for-nobility father—conveniently named Noble—she takes on a peculiar job that will force her to converse with a violent beast named, well, Beast. The rest of the story develops into a hysterical tale of a classic fairy tale romance gone modernly awry.






This is a charming fairytale retelling with a lot of other magical events happening in the story. In this retelling Beauty is a temp and is hired to help out at Beast’s castle while her father is practically evil – except without a licence. The characters were delightful and the plot was unique. I was drawn in by the charming quality of the novel and the mixture of modern day concepts in a fairytale setting.

A lot of this novel is based in a modern type world where the Beast was a business man and there are lawyers etc. However, there are an abundance of magical elements such as magic mirrors and curses.

Beauty has a sister in this move, Grace and their relationship was heartwarming as they both try to protect each other from their evil father. Overall, this was such a sweet, fun and charming retelling you might get a cavity from reading.




Keep Calm and Read On,





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