Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week TTT is taking a week off for a break. Therefore I am going to choose a previous topic for me to complete. The topic I will complete this week is:


Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book


10. Beautiful Cover


Now I know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but we all do. A stunning cover will turn my head and make me take a second look at a book.


09. Meets a reading challenge


I am undergoing quite a few reading challenges this year and I have searched books that may meet elements of that challenge. I am inclined to read a book if it is interesting and meets a challenge.



08. Fae


One of my favourite mythical creatures are fae / fairies. If the book is about fairies and the synopsis sounds intriguing I will pick up the book.


07. Part of a series


A pretty obvious reason I would pick up a book is if it is a part of a series. If I enjoy the first book in the series than I am likely to continue the series.


06. Blurbed by a favourite author

Author blurbs are a marketing technique in the publishing industry. I actually really enjoy these blurbs and often if an author I like blurbs a book I am more inclined to give the book a chance.

author blurb


05. If you like this… You’ll like this posts / videos


This is a recommendation post that focusing on linking books to other books. I find it very useful in finding new books to read.

if you like.jpg


04. Came in a subscription box

Another thing that would make me pick up a book is if it came in one of the subscription boxes I subscribe to. I love receiving these boxes and trust in the judgement of the curators.


03. Auto-buy Author


I have an auto-buy author list of authors I love and if they publish a new book it is pretty much guaranteed I will pick it up.



02. Retellings


I love reading retellings of fairytales and myths. It is one of my favourite genres to read.



And the top thing that will get me to read a book

Recommended by booktubers:

I love watching booktube and getting recommendations for new books for my TBR pile from booktube. There are five main booktubers that I take recommendations from: Polandbananasbooks, Tashapolis, ABookUtopia, Katytastic, and HaileyinBookland.


What is the top thing that would make you pick up a book? Let me know in the comments.

Keep Calm and Read On,



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