one bite with a stranger

PUBLISHER: St. Martins

DATE PUBLISHED: 1st January 2003

PAGES: 352



When Regina’s friends insist on setting her up a “Fantasy Fix” to help her get over her cheating ex, she dreams up some kinky out-of-this-world encounters that they could never possibly bring to life. But the next thing Regina knows, her friends have got her laced into a shiny black corset, tight leather pants, and a sexy pair of stilettos. It’s time for some downtown vampire-fantasy fun. . . .

The Vampire Ball in Manhattan’s East Village isn’t really Dmitri Vidâme’s idea of a good time, but as a member of the Council that governs the Others, he has to keep an eye on all the young vamps who prey on the pretenders. After he feasts his dark eyes on fiery Regina at the bar, he knows that he must have her. But for the first time Dmitri meets a woman who is more than a match for his indomitable will. And he may be the fantasy Regina hoped for… until she—and her feisty friends—discover her sexy new lover’s bloodsucking secret…



This is a fun and sexy vampire fiction book that let me laughing and swooning at the same time. The main idea is that Regina is sent on a blind hook up by her group of friends and mistakenly ends up with Dmitri, who was not the intended hook up. This potential New Adult romance becomes a paranormal novel when it is discovered that Dmitri is a vampire and this adds an extra layer to the story. The attraction between Dmitri and Regina is intense and with the steady pacing of the story it makes for an addictive paranormal romance that I thoroughly enjoyed.



Keep Calm and Read On,



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