Hello everyone,

This is my initial post putting my feelers out there to see if there is any interest in a royalty themed readathon. I have not seen a readathon based around royalty and thought this might be an interesting topic to broach. However, I need to establish if there is interest.

If I do go ahead with this idea then I would be planning this readathon for the end of May and to run for 7 days. I would like to get different people on board to make this as big and as fun as possible.

This is where you come in. I need a few things off of everyone before I go ahead with this idea. Firstly, I need to know if there is any interest in this type of a readathon, let me know your thoughts and spread the word about this potential readathon. The second thing I need is hosts. I need people who are interested in coordinating this readathon with me and maybe running sprints and challenges on Twitter and Instagram. If this sounds like you let me know. I am eagerly awaiting feedback in the comments and encourage you to let me know your thoughts.


Keep Calm and Read On,




  1. Hannah Brown // SPW says:

    This sounds like a really interesting idea! I think it could raise some really interesting questions about monarchy/dictatorship, and it would be interesting to have a “non-fiction book” challenge so people can read/learn about the monarchies in the world today (I’m still interested in the Tsars and also the British Royal Family!). And of course we have books like The Selection and fantastical monarchies! I’d be really interested in hosting with you if you do decide to do it; my Twitter is @MB1098 and my email is! 🙂


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