Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week TTT is taking a week off for a break. Therefore I am going to choose a previous topic for me to complete. The topic I will complete this week is:


Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book



I do not like horror, if I want something scary I will pick up a thriller or adventure book with scary elements. I do not read horror.

Faces on the Cover

So there are some horrible covers with faces on them that have made me not want to pick up a book. If the cover has a face on it, the cover has to be something special to make me want to read it. 


This is a common issue amongst readers. Sometimes it is done well, but I definitely prefer the slow burn romance. Insta-love just isn’t realistic.


“For Fans Of” 

If this is on the cover I don’t tend to gravitate towards it. I will read reviews on Goodreads and make my own mind up before I pick up a book and do not need this prompt on my cover. 


Unhealthy Relationships

I really have only ever read one book done well with an unhealthy relationship in it. This book treated the topic with the necessary caution. Other times I’ve come across books that just have not sat well with me due to unhealthy relationships.

The book is spelled out on the blurb

After reading a book I want to come out knowing more than what was on the blurb. When the blurb pretty much spells out the entire book I don’t feel there is a point to actually reading the book.

One Dimensional Characters

I enjoy complex characters that have more than one element to them. They overcome hardship, they have more in their lives than one element the book is focusing on. I do not enjoy one dimensional characters at all.


Predominantly negative reviews

We are all aware of how marketing works and reviews is a good way to market literature. I find that I will be extraordinarily hesitant to pick up a book if it is getting consistently bad reviews, particularly on Goodreads.

Lack of Development

If I do not feel that the plot is going anywhere or the characters are not developing properly I will be extremely hesitant to continue. I have not experienced this in ages, but it has happened one or twice.

Burned by an Author

I will give an author a second or third chance but if I’m still not touching with the way the author tells the story then I will generally give up on the author.


What is something that will make you not want to pick up a book? Let me know in the comments.

Keep Calm and Read On,



One thought on “TOP TEN TUESDAY

  1. simply0strange says:

    All amazing reasons. Totally agree about giving away the book in the synopsis, “For Fans Of” *groans*, and Unhealthy Relationships. Who would think that books with a healthy relationship in it would be so uncommon??? It is really frustrating.


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