DATE PUBLISHED: 29th November 2016

PAGES: 294



The rules of (fake) engagement . . .
Leah Martin has spent her life trying to avoid temptation. But she’s sick of low-fat snacks, counting calories, and her hyper-critical mom. Fortunately, her popular new bakery keeps her good and distracted. But there aren’t enough éclairs in the world to distract Leah from the hotness that is Sam Cooper – or the fact that he just told her mother that they’re engaged . . . which is a big, fat lie.

Sam sometime speaks before he thinks. So what started out as defending Leah’s date-ability to her judgmental mother soon turned into having a fiancee! Now the plan is to keep up the fake engagement, stay “just friends,” and make Leah’s family loathe him enough to just call the whole thing off . But Sam has an insatiable sweet tooth, not only for Leah’s decadent desserts but her decadent curves. Her full lips. Her bright green eyes. Yep, things aren’t going quite according to plan. Now Sam has to convince Leah that he’s for real . . . before their little lie turns into one big, sweet disaster.



A cute contemporary romance with a curvaceous and insecure female protagonist. The family and friendship elements drew me into this novel as much as the romance element. Leah’s relationship with her family was realistic with characters each having their own charm and flaws; they seemed like a true family.

Leah has always been insecure about her weight and her mothers never ending passive aggressive comments do not help. I must admit the constant insecurities and how Leah brought everything back to weight did begin to grate on me a little. I liked the development of her character through her fake relationship with Sam. She has not fully come out of her shell but there is definite improvement.

Fake relationships are always fun for me to read. The fact that Sam announces himself as Leah’s fiancé taking Leah by surprise was hilarious. The fun continued from there as the two had to keep up the charade on a weekend family vacation where Sam met Leah’s grandparents, parents and brother. This of course led to some cringe-worthy and side-splitting moments that were so fun to read.

The relationship grew as the pair had to maintain their fake relationship and they came to really get to know each other.  This was a cute contemporary with a plus-sized protagonist with a focus on self-acceptance.



Keep Calm and Read On,



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