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Do you like reading about royals? Do you like readathons? Then read on because this might be something you’re interested in. I am hosting the Royalty Readathon! This has slowly been coming together since last month and I am finally ready to make the announcement. Two lovely ladies are helping be run this readathon, they are Hannah from HannahBanana98 & The Bookworm Central.

This readathon will be happening from the 20th to the 26th of May 2017. There will be 5 reading challenges and reading sprints will be run on the Official Twitter Page.





*Read a SFF book with a royal protagonist

*Read a fairytale retelling featuring your favourite fairytale royal

*Read a book about real life royalty – this can be Fiction or Non-Fiction

*Read a contemporary novel with a royal character

*Read a book featuring a long lost royal


My TBR will be up soon. I hope you can join in on this readathon and help to make it amazing. If you are joining in let me know in the comments. Let me know any books you are thinking of reading and anything you would like to see from this readathon.

Keep Calm and Read On,



    • katikat92 says:

      Absolutely, doesn’t seem like anyone is interested but the cohorts and I are doing it. It would be great to have you join! There are reading challenges if you like and I am trying to get some reading sprints up and running


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