DATE PUBLISHED: 30th January 2017


PAGES: 395







Four teenagers – all born on the same Valentine’s Day – begin to disappear. As the bodies mount up, Pearl Linford has to work out what in the supernatural hell is going on, before it happens to her.

Finn Blacklin is the boy with whom Pearl shares a birthday, the boy she has known all her life and disliked every second of it, the boy her subconscious has a totally annoying crush on. Finn is also the Valentine: a Seelie fairy changeling swapped for a human boy at birth. The Unseelie have come to kill the Valentine – except they don’t know who it is. And now both the Seelie and the Unseelie think Pearl is the Valentine, and if they find out she isn’t, she’ll disappear too.

Pearl must use all her wits to protect herself. Finn must come to terms with his newfound heritage. And then there’s the explosive chemistry between them that neither of them know quite what to do about . . .






A dark Fae mystery novel focusing on the element of Changelings. The gripping murder mystery plot follows Pearl as she slowly discovers the Fae world and why she is being hunted. High school elements are also included in this within the novel as an undertone to the overarching mystery plot.

Pearls voice through the book is true to a teenager. The colloquialisms and short hand terms common to modern day teenagers are present within the book. The story flowed well and was driven by the mystery of the murder plots against teenagers in the town. Pearls relationship with her friends and family are engaging and add layers to her character. Finn is the other protagonist in this novel. He is a interesting character that as the reader travels through the book he develops and layers to his character are revealed.

A new start on a Fae series with murder mystery aspects, strong family connections and a budding romance I want to see develop more in future books.




Keep Calm and Read On,




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