PUBLISHER: Jenny Gardiner Books


DATE PUBLISHED: 24th December 2014


PAGES: 248







He’s a prince with a problem, she’s a commoner with a getaway plan.

Modern-day Prince Adrian of Monaforte has a most old-fashioned problem: his demanding mother wants him wed to her best friend’s daughter, the hard-partying Serena. When his refusal falls on deaf ears, Adrian decides it’s time for him to slip away from his gilded cage and figure out his life, all on his own. As luck would have it, event photographer Emma Davison, weary of a revolving door of lost-cause men and tired of her outsider-looking-in career, is in need of her own escape clause, just in time to help a wayward prince in need. And she soon discovers that sometimes a girl’s gotta sweep a prince off his feet.

For any girl that’s ever held out hope that some day her prince would come…or better yet, hoped that some day she’d come to him.






In the style of Roman Holiday or The Prince & Me, Something in the Heir follows a royal who needs to escape from it all. The Crown Prince of a little known kingdom takes a unexpected and much needed holiday from his royal duties hiding from his overbearing family. He just so happens to drag Emma along for the ride.

The plot itself was somewhat predictable and the enjoyment factor was from the rom-com style banter between the two protagonists. This book plays of the fantasies of little girls – finding a prince charming and being whisked away. And it does that well.

I enjoyed the culture shock element of this book. Emma and Adrian obviously come from different walks of life. Reading about Emma explain Walmart to Adrian and show Adrian how to cook was interesting and added a realistic and comedic layer to the book. There was a slight issue I had with the dialogue, at times it felt too wordy and I just wanted to see an explanation other than have it quoted to me.

Overall, this was a cute contemporary rom-com story following a Prince as he tries to escape. This book allows the readers to live out their fantasy of finding a Prince of their very own.




Keep Calm and Read On,



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