PUBLISHER: Piatkus Books


DATE PUBLISHED: 27th December 2005


PAGES: 269







Wren Tigarian is a forbidden blend of snow leopard and white tiger who can pass as human. Marguerite, a law student and senator’s daughter, lives among the rich and the powerful. Both feel alone until Wren saves Marguerite from a mugging. A tentative, passionate romance builds quickly, threatened by the potential impact of hidden secrets and public lies. Will it survive before the Were-Hunters kill Wren or before her enemies kill Marguerite?






In this continuation to the Dark Hunter series readers get a more in depth look at the Were Hunter world, especially Sanctuary. In true fashion for this series the characters were likeable and the plot was fantastic. The pacing was consistent and had me hooked all the way through.

Marguerite is a smart and vibrant character who enters this world she knows nothing about. Wren has been abused and misunderstood his whole life. He is viewed as vicious and not to be trusted. Through the love of Marguerite he comes out of his shell and readers can see that there is more to Wren than meets the eye. This pair are too sweet and their developing relationship through the book really pulled on my heartstrings.

This is a great addition to the Dark Hunter series. Getting a look at the Were Hunter side of this world Sherrilyn Kenyon has created was an absolute pleasure. I loved these two characters and the side characters in this book. Amazing.




Keep Calm and Read On,


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