This weekly book meme officiated in November 2013 and is still going stong! Every week there is a topic and your list will be based off this topic. For further information check out the Goodreads Page.

The theme this week is:







The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey

fairy godmother

Elena and Alexander were a breath of fresh air in this fairytale retelling. The utter distain they felt for each others was obvious and as the story developed they gained more of an understanding of each other. At first Elena through Alexander was boorish and a bully while Alexander distrusted Elena for her magic, believing her to be a trickster and charlatan.



The Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller


Being on opposing sides Alosa and Riden were destined to hate each other. With Alosa taken prisoner on Riden’s ship the two gained a chance to actually get to know each other and appreciate the others qualities.



When It’s Real by Erin Watt

when its real

When Oakley ruins his public image he must take on a fake girlfriend to improve his image. Oakley and Vaughn clash from the start making for an entertaining read that develops before the readers eyes.



My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows

my lady jane

Jane and G began their relationship with an arranged marriage. The two did not get along from the very beginning. Half the fun of this book was seeing their relationship develop and the two grow to care for each other deeply.



The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Adhieh

the wrath and the dawn

Shazi absolutely loathes Khalid at the beginning of this book. Through the progress of this book their emotions towards each other develops and there is an understanding of the motivations of the characters that sparks strong feelings.



Do you love hate to love relationships? What is your favourite hate to love relationship? Let me know in the comments.


Keep Calm and Read On,



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