PUBLISHER: Usborne Publishing Ltd.


DATE PUBLISHING: 01st February 2017


PAGES: 464







Lexi Angelo has grown up helping her dad with his events business. She likes to stay behind the scenes, planning and organizing…until author Aidan Green – messy haired and annoyingly arrogant – arrives unannounced at the first event of the year. Then Lexi’s life is thrown into disarray.

In a flurry of late-night conversations, mixed messages and butterflies, Lexi discovers that some things can’t be planned. Things like falling in love…






Conventions are something any fangirl or boy dreams of, and so, this novel ticks all the boxes. Following many conventions through the year and one girl who uses her spare time to help assist in the running of the multiple conventions. The family dynamics and romantic entanglements were fun and added to the convention experience.

Lexi was an interesting character with complicated family dynamics. She is juggling school and helping her dad coordinate many conventions through the year. Her relationships and friendships with others were a great element of the book.

Aiden is a first time author who is new to the convention scene. His interactions with Lexi ranged from tense and angry to absolute fun sliding down the hall on a tray. The journey of the relationship was so amusing. I loved the idea of the book that Aiden wrote and would love to read that book. My favourite scene was Aiden and Lexi being locked in the convention room overnight together.

It was amazing to read this enjoyable behind the scenes look at conventions. Spanning the year and multiple conventions this book is a nod to every fangirl/boy out there.




Keep Calm and Read On,


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