once upon a royal christmas


PUBLISHER: The Tule Publishing Group


DATE PUBLISHED: 20th October 2016


PAGES: 244







Rowan Palotay hopes she never runs into the too-handsome Prince Theodore Chenery ever again after she leaves an embarrassing first impression. But fixing her mistake garners even more attention from the prince, and when he requests she be his reporter for a news story, she can’t say no.

Prince Theo is completely enchanted with Rowan and finds her special brand of kindness and honesty impossible to ignore. Back home, his choices are made for him, but here in this small town where his mother grew up, he feels connections he never has before. And the more time he and Rowan spend together, the more he wants her—all of her.

When obligations back home take a turn he didn’t see coming, he’s ready to stake his claim. But when his father and the media get wind of his relationship with Rowan, Theo must decide whether to follow his heart or his royal duty.





A heart-warming royal Christmas read based in Montana that is the perfect example of romantic holiday escapism. With a royal prince in Montana to meet his long lost maternal grandparents and a fateful meeting curtesy of dogs… this is the ultimate meet cute light-hearted holiday romance.

With regards to the characters, I loved Rowan, she was a little firecracker with so many odd jobs and a passion fir painting. I just wanted her to get her happily ever after. Theo has a lot on his plate but I think his time in Montana was the perfect opportunity for him to open up and eventually fall for this girl from his late mothers home town.

With a ball, a beautiful transformation to envy Cinderella and a handful of holiday cheer this book is pure bliss.






Keep Calm and Read On,


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