Biannual Bibliothon: Blog Challenge Day 7




It is the final day of the Biannual Bibliothon and the host of todays Blog Challenge is Lauras Literary Letters. The challenge is:








my lady jane


PUBLISHER: Harper Teen

DATE PUBLISHED: 07th June 2016

PAGES: 491

GENRE: YA, Historical Fiction, Fantasy




A wild romp through Tudor England.

I thought “The Tudors” was excellent, I didn’t know what I was missing out on. This retelling of the story of Lady Jane Grey is full of sarcastic humour, famous references and shape shifting human / animals.

I am going to discuss my love for this book in three sections:


This book is told from the perspectives of three characters. I was hesitant going in. I thought this would be choppy and confusing but it worked seamlessly. These writers were made to write together

Edward: We all remember King Henry VIII only boy son, well now he is King and dying. I loved this character so much; I was invested in him the whole way through his storyline. His motivations are so human and I desperately wanted him to get a happy ending.

Jane: Which reader doesn’t love a bookish character? Is there anyone out there – speak now or forever hold your peace. Jane is strong willed, intelligent and independent in an era when these qualities – let alone her red hair – are frowned upon.

Gifford (G): Oh, G. How I feel for you, being saddled (hahaha) with that awful name. I think G was the character I was most hesitant about hearing from but his chapters were full of humour. I love seeing how his relationship with Jane grows – seeing as the wedding day is their first encounter. I swear, I absolutely adore this character.


This setting was like taking a trip back to “The Tudors”. I love this time in history, the fashion, the politics, and the punishments. As long as I don’t have to live there – I like my head where it is, that you very much!


I know the prose of this book will not work for everyone. There is something about it that just works for me. Every time I saw a reference I knew I just about leaped out of my chair. I seem to have a thing for sarcastic humour and funny dialogue. My Lady Jane has that in buckets. I have read books before where the narrators have interrupted the story at times and really did not like this. In this book however, I found the style of writing leant itself to being interrupted at times. And they didn’t do it every other paragraph, which was appreciated greatly.

I would love to read another Twisted Historical Tale from these ladies and will be keeping an eye out, maybe Anastasia or Marie Antoinette. Please ladies, I need more!

In conclusion, this book was exactly what I was after. It was long, but I loved every minute of this twisted historical tale.




Keep Calm and Read On,


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