Biannual Bibliothon Challenge: Rewrite a Favorite Scene




The challenge for day 5 of the Biannual Bibliothon is hosted by Reader Rayna. The challenge is to Rewrite a favourite scene.




Please excuse my writing…




Well, this is great. Jane thought.

She was perfectly happy with her nose in a book. She didn’t need to be married or even be the Queen. But no, everyone else thought they knew better than her and now she is stuck here… locked up. Going to lose her head at dawn.

Tears prickled at the edges of her eyes and she quickly brushed them away.

Think. Jane looked around trying to find a way out. There was a small window but it was barred. She would not die here, she couldn’t. Could she?

Pacing the room her panic grew as she saw the awful blush of dawn on the horizon. She was out of time. Footsteps grew louder and the rattle of keys had Jane freezing in her place.

As the lock in the door squeaked Jane could’t help but elicit a small squeak herself as her panic overcome her.

Then, a horrible pain overcome her and a bright light filled the room. Jane screamed with her eyes tightly shut.

Upon opening her eyes Jane’s head brushed the roof and she looked down at a stunned jailor who was somehow so small now. Jane lifted her hand to her brow. But, it wasn’t her hand.

A grey trunk brushed her brow and now Jane understood… she was an elephant. In utter shock she began to jump (as much as an elephant can) and tried to run. However, she was quite big now and the room very small.

The jailor was crushed up against the wall as with a groan the floor gave way underneath her and Jane fell down to the ground floor and just like that, she was free.





This was a scene from


My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows


my lady jane


The difference in this scene is that Jane turns into an elephant instead of a ferret. I wondered what it would be like to be stuck in the Tower of London while turning into an elephant and what escape options that would offer.


Keep Calm and Read On,


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