Blog Challenge – Tell me about your favourite read of 2017!




Day 6 of the Biannual Bibliothon brings about another challenge. This one hosted by A Bookish Girl. This challenge is:



Describe your favourite read of 2017








This book was so much fun! An entertaining romp across the European countryside and cities with pirates, highwaymen, mysteries, and love. I was smiling as I followed Monty and his company across Europe.

Monty is fraught with imperfections, from his almost constant inebriation to his uncanny ability to find trouble wherever he goes. This just endeared Monty to me with his undeniable charm. I found Percy to be a great juxtaposition to Monty as he didn’t mind fun but knew when to get serious. Felicity was also a stupendous character (truly, they all were). She provided a sense of seriousness and a level head on the journey. She had so much character development in this book I am overjoyed there will be a book about her coming up.

Let’s talk about diversity. If you’re looking for a historical fiction book with fun and adventure but also packed full of diversity, look no further… here it is. Not only is Monty bisexual, but Percy is of a darker complexion (which brings up many a conversation about the slave trade). Not to mention Felicity’s femininity is also broached on the grounds of propriety.

With mystery, adventure, diversity and a truly stellar cast is it any wonder I am awestruck by this book? I would also note that I read and listened (audiobook) to this book at the same time. The audiobook narrator does a fabulous job and just added to my experience. I cannot praise this novel enough.




Keep Calm and Read On,


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